Top 3 Share Trading Books

Are you planning to become a serious investor to take a plunge into trade activities? Prior to taking the plunge, it is essential to know about the tricks of the trade to increase your chances of success, and with it the profit too. Reading share trading books is an essential prerequisite for novices to get equipped with the required secrets. Even the experienced traders need fresh ideas and opinions, which can be gleaned by reading these books. These top 3 share trading books aid the beginners as well as experienced traders to glean vital information regarding trade activities.Read full article.

Trading for a Living: Psychology, Trading Tactics, Money Management

It is one of the wonderful books that throw light on many aspects pertaining to trade activities. The author of the book, Dr.Elder is a psychologist, as he has highlighted the essence of psychology related to trade activities, which in turn paves way for successful trade activities. The book is a treasure trove to learn the common psychological behaviours that have been considered as prime reasons for the downfall of many traders. The tactics that need to be adopted as the focal point of the traders can also be gleaned from this book. The book reveals many secrets, which includes the need to read the mood pertaining to the market, and the book is a valuable one as it makes the readers understand the impact of gaps, trends and chart patterns on the psychology pertaining to the overall market. Several strategies are also covered in this book, as the traders can make use of these strategies while they venture to trade socks. The book combines the psychology pertaining to trade activities, methods to be adopted for different markets allowing trade activities and the different ways for protecting the capital reserved for trade activities, which impart the necessary knowledge required for traders to become successful.

Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques
This is another interesting book that falls in the top 3 share trading books, and the author Nison is a renowned personality, who happens to be the first person to have introduced the famous Japanese candlestick charting to the community involved in trade activities and found in the western world. The uniqueness of the candlestick charting lies in its ability to provide market price action particularly when it happens to be the turning point. This book has received acclaims from many trading enthusiasts who have gained knowledge as well as profits after reading this book, and is one of the best books that provide details about candlesticks. By reading this book, enthusiasts can learn about many candlestick patterns that are useful, as they can also learn the tricks to make use of candlestick in combination with various technical analysis tools that are common.

Trading in the Zone
Trading in the Zone is yet another gem that falls in the top 3 share trading books, and the author Mark Douglas happens to be a personal trading coach, as he has sent out strong signals about the thinking strategy in this book, which according to the author is a prime factor that influences the success rates of traders. Five specific issues have been addressed by the author, which allows the traders to gain the required understanding and insight about themselves to pave way for successful results. Specific solutions have been provided for the people factor pertaining to the commodity price movement in this book. The book also serves well to unearth the real reasons that lead to lack of consistency, as when stock picking is concerned, which is but the self-confidence and lack of focus. The book proves to be a useful companion as it lets the readers into many secrets to develop a winner’s mindset. It also helps the readers to get out of their misconceptions related to the market. With many compelling examples, this book aids the trader to enhance the required skills for experiencing profitable trading endeavours.